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My Heuristic Copywriting Method is proven to convert in supplements, skincare, MMO, health, supplements, relationships, dating, pick-up, coaching, manifestation, self-development and more. Heck, I've helped other copywriters 4x their monthly incomes. These videos are just a taste of how I think... and build predictably profitable funnels. (A Few Winning VSLs Below.)

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I Stand Behind My Creative...
Until It Converts.

(So I'm Picky About Who I Work With.)

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I never read a copywriting book, but I wrote one

The Copywriting Bible (formerly known as the Untemplate VSL) is just that book.

Templates are just wireframes. Don't get trapped into other people's templates. You can easily create your own.

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The Art of Testing & Optimizing On Facebook (aka The Testability Factor)

We want to "pressure cook" your ads with minimal budget to force Facebook to find and serve our ideal prospects. 

Then... we need to see what gets the most people to "raise their hands" and self-identify with your offer. So I write alternative versions of primary and video copy openings. This guarantees we're testing each positioning point like the f'ing Terminator.

The Pixel Paradox

Imagine your pixel is the ChatGPT prompt. What are you doing to tell it, so your ads get served in front of the eyes you help the most?

I don't just throw random copy at new or legacy pixels. I break down the exact verticals/positioning we're targeting to train each pixel.

Ultimately, we want different pixels for different positioning. This helps make your exit worth exponentially more.

Ask me why. 

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3 Secrets I Use To Predictably Convert On Cold Traffic

People want to know WHY your offer works, and HOW it works... for me. These are the  main elements I use to out-position your ads. It's all based on Heuristics, the psychology of symbols, association and storytelling. It's the universal language we all use, regardless of race, creed or the words we actually say.


Why your offer works differentiates your offer from the sea of sameness. It satisfies a prospect's need to reconcile how your offer works for me. I've made hundreds of millions for people because of Mechanism. 

New Cause 

Your prospects aren't virgin buyers. They've been around the block many times, and they've been disappointed with every one night stand. Solve that. Tell prospects exactly WHY everything else failed, so your Mechanism SINGS.


How do movies  convey information, without ever selling? The path of least resistance to selling is helping people SEE THEMSELVES in your advertising. (Hint: This is why we LOVE movies.)

Triggering People's Mirror Neurons is HOW you help the most people

Why do stories make us imagine ourselves in your shoes. Mirror Neurons, aka the core of empathy. 

When I told my real life story in a manifestation VSL, it produced over 400 million dollars. Why? Mirror Neurons.

Converting & Scaling is a collaboration 

Working together starts with an interview. I need to understand who you are, how you think, hear what you've done, and what you envision our collaboration producing. 


I'll audit your current funnel or funnel vision so I can have a 50,000 view.


I'll blueprint out the positioning of your offer, including messaging.


I optimize the copy for our deliverables, until we hit pay dirt.

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Have You Ever Watched Restaurant Impossible?

Robert Irvine comes into ailing businesses, retrains the owners and staff, and gives them a brand new restaurant. In 2 days. With only $10,000. 

You don't have to be struggling or failing to need more rhyme and reason in your marketing.

When I walk into thriving e-commerce businesses, I'm still tasked with fixing the problems creating glass ceilings to scale. That's why what I do is far from just writing copy.


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