If You've Ever Wanted The Copywriting Secrets To Convert ANY Offer... Read My Book! 

(Formally Known As The Untemplate VSL)
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For Biz Owners & Copywriters Alike...

These are the secrets I've used to produce 10 figures in tracked revenue

Everything You Need To Convert 
I'm giving you the "Heuristic Puzzle Pieces" to write scalable funnels in any market or niche.
  • How to hyper-position your copy and funnels.
  • How to now exactly what you're writing... and WHY... with zero confusion.
  • The 3 bias' that rule whether or not we buy stuff.
  • Why every line of copy MUST trigger dopamine... or prospects bail.
  • How to let prospects "off the hook" for everything that already failed.
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Never Guess... Again

Give prospects what they need to suspend their disbelief

It Begins With Mechanism 

Prospects have seen, heard and tried it all. So you have to express WHY your offer "works for me..." 

  • No mechanism - no deeper reason for prospects to buy.
  • Essential to sell low and high ticket offers alike.
  • Mechanism dictates 100% of your research (i.e. your 80%.)
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Unlock Your Copywriting Genius

How To "Channel" Copy

The True Source of Converting Isn't "Knowing" Anything

It frustrated me to tears when I had my first success... and ad no idea HOW I did it. When I discovered back-processing, I never wondered again. (I'm including a 1 hour back-processing masterclass worth $97.)

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