What If Your Copywriter Optimized Your Copy (Based On Data) - Until It's Scalable?

VSL Scripts, Sales Letters, Advertorials, Full Marketing Funnels

A lot of copywriters claim they can get you results. 

I'm pretty much the only copywriter who guaran-fuckin'-tees my VSLs (video sales letters) and full funnel copy.

Why? How?

I'm able to identify The Mechanism of your entire funnel...

In 30 seconds...

Lighting the way for hyper-focused market-positioning.

I'm Mark Pescetti.

A 15+ year copywriting veteran.

I'm a 4th grade dropout.

I've also never read a copywriting book in my entire life.


This 4th grade dropout has legit produced about 1 billion dollars in sales...

Largely on the back of VSLs I write (and Dace Milkovski produces.)

We both stand behind the copy and production...

Until your campaign is scalable.

I do it by tapping into the story you're prospects are telling...

About the problem you can help them solve or satisfy. 

You Can't Sell Shit - Until You Connect With People's Stories

VSL copywriter
That's WHY mechanism is so important...

It's where all my creative comes from...

And makes knowing what WILL convert...

Easy, fast and simple.

Of course, it's NOT just VSLSs.

I've scaled every part of the marketing funnel:

E-com/cart style

The whole f'ing shebang.

Over the last 15 years...

I've scaled companies well into 7-figures...

In just our first year working together.

I did it in multiple spaces too:

1) Health & supplements
2) Self help & spiritual
3) Dating & relationships
4) Finance
5) Digital Marketing
6) Education
7) MMO
8) Skincare/beauty
9) Copywriting (My own product)

I'm especially passionate about continuity/subscription.

It's the lifeblood and financial sustainability for digital businesses.


What IS a scalable campaign?

Here's my take:

Direct response means people buy at first sight.

I consider a scalable DIRECT RESPONSE campaign to have 85% buyers on their very first touch...

And 15% retargeting.

But there's another factor:


I developed my own BRAND of writing called Heuristic Copy (you can download the free ebook below.)

But there's another aspect to my Heuristic Copywriting style.

It's called New Cause.

"I'm Letting You Off The Hook For Everything You Wasted Money & Time On, Because of This ONE Thing."

VSL copywriter
This is the more effective way of the whole, "It's not your fault" trope.

It tells prospects why everything they already tried, failed...

And supports the Mechanism (or WHY your solution works for me.)

Just like a movie...

You have to help your audience SUSPEND their disbelief.

These are the "elements" that makes your VSL...

And funnel...

Predictably profit.

But that's just the copy side of shit.

What about the Human Factor?

You know... working together... until your campaign's scalable?

That's where communication, collaboration and testing enter the picture.

I need to work directly with your media buyer, have him or her (or they) go over numbers...

And each walk away with our "marching orders."

In my experience...

The ONLY way to inevitably WIN is everyone driving in their lane of genius...

And coming together...

To combine our f'ing superpowers.

Just like Captain Planet.

Up for it?

Cool, let's talk.

Phone: (541) 880-4241
Skype: markpescetti

The client (who shall remain nameless) asked me to beat Thought Elevators. I said, "No problem." He had no product, no campaign ideas, no hook, no idea.

I actually used my story since the product was a binaural beat offer, which is something I've used since I was 9 years old.

I integrated my real-life story into the VSL... which went on to produce 9-figure profits
This was Dr. Charles Livingston and Brad Callen's VSL.  I came up with some solid angles here for the poop-loss presentation... and some smooth mechanisms.

It ran for almost 10 years - as one of their top controls.. along with LiveLean.

My general health knowledge made the science feel quick and easy. 

The doodle itself was done by Dace Milkovski.
Truly Flawless was a juggernaut doing millions before the owner sold the company. 

It ran on Facebook traffic... doing hundreds of conversions or more... everyday.

As a Boomer positioned product... we were able to reach women on a massive scale... and killed it in the upsells.

This same style of messaging still works in the anti-aging space like crazy. You'll see it in my more recent work.
Owned by a friend of mine... I had an idea for a video shoot concept. We didn't just get scripted footage I wrote before the event... I also did writing on the spot that really tapped into the authenticity of each person.

The BTS (behind the scenes) approached appealed to the audience and successfully triggered their Mirror Neurons.. getting massive engagement. 

This is also proof that non-typical VSLs can be highly effective in the branded, direct response space. 
A lot of supplement companies get started with simple sales letters. This is an example of a company investing in the kind of VSL production that works.

Once again, Dace Milkovski storyboarded and edited this thing... doing his normal A+ work.

As of press time, testing has just begun. Also, just like every VSL I write, there are 4 alternative openings to test against. After all, getting "variable data" is the path of least resistance to quickly scaling. 
Lavie Labs is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. They also have facilities in Miami and London. 

When they brought me on, over 90% of their sales came from sample marketing. Within a month, we were able to flip those numbers  - selling more full jars than samples.

Much of that growth was built on the back of Ecom-style pages. This infomercial was an idea I came up with and flew out to Miami to help shoot.  It's an example of taking VSL-style production into the infomercial world.
Just another example of different positioning... for the same product and company. I actually have a treasure chest of VSLs they produced.

Lavie Labs is run by a young man who constantly collaborates with the owner, media, design and copy. It's a great example of the type of collaboration needed to rapidly scale.
This is a ClickBank product of mine that I'm launching with fellow copywriter Shawn Morrow & Dace Milkovski.

I've had amazing success scaling other people's self-help/spiritual based product offers. I've once again taken my real-life story and reveal my very personal journey of becoming an entrepreneur. 

I was just 10 years old when, as a homeless kid on Maui, started selling fruit on the side of the Iao Valley Lodge entrance way. This VSL shows I've come a long way since being that feral hippie kid.
I scaled Doug's other company, My Doctor Suggests, to over 10 millions in profits... in only 10 months.

I can honestly say this is one of, it not THE most effective supplement I've ever personally taken. And as the grandson of the man who invented Time Release... and modern supplementation... I've tried it all.

This VSL was to help build another brand he started building. It's the same supplement - just positioned in front of a more conservative audience. 
As a black-owned company, they really wanted to feel relevant to their community. I really enjoyed collaborating and getting the story part of this campaign out. The owner is really passionate about health...
And it comes through in her performance.
This is another long-running ClickBank success. The owner, Jordan Hall, is well-known in the digital marketing community as a genius.

This is an example of me branding and positioning the campaign to really speak to the core prospect.

It's also proof that you don't need massive VSL production to kill it. In fact, Jordan did the voiceover on his iPhone. Don't overthink this stuff!
The science behind Hemp/CBD is amazing. Our bodies are literally made for this ancient nutrition.

The company, PrismCBD, is actually a local company here where I live in Southern Oregon.

I had the opportunity to work on all parts of their funnels, but this is a good example of what works.

I also have a ton of e-com page style copy for this company. It's killer stuff.

My Favorite Interview Done By Carlos Redlich

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