Traffic & Conversion Summit Takeaways

I attended Digital Marketers Traffic & Conversion Summit down in San Diego. It's been a while since I've taken a week out of work to invest myself in something like this. And I'm glad I did.

I went down with a client of mine. We're really trying to ramp up... and scale up our funnel(s.)

From minute one, it was obvious to me...

If you aren't writing content, you're one step away from being irrelevant to your clients... in a LOT of ways.

Here's why...

As Deiss puts it...

Today's digital marketing world is about the acquisition of pixels. 

Your focus is spending ad money to cache prospects - so you can retarget/remarket them.

Now, you can't pixel someone by sending them to your to your direct response page (unless somehow it's from organic traffic.) That's your second funnel. Your first funnel is content (because Google and Facebook say so.) 

The point is to get people in the door (with a blog, native ad or lander.) You'll retarget them appropriately (to make the sell.) That's your second funnel. And if you're going to prime prospects to become customers or clients, it's more important than ever to really pay attention to the FULL funnel process. It ALL matters... to achieve the best possible conversions.

For me, I've got one main sales funnel. Soon we'll be "splintering off" segments of our product (as Ryan puts it) to target (or retarget) various niches in our broader space. 

And props to the Digital Marketing team for helping me visualize what that looks like so clearly. They really made it easy for me to envision and execute my vision for the company I'm putting the majority of my attention on. 

Good... no, no, no... 

GREAT takeaways. 

Here's something else I found, well... interesting...

In the very beginning of the summit, Ryan said, "Whoever spends the most money, wins." 

He's basically declaring... 

The more people you pixel (cache,) the more people are seeing your stuff... and not your competition's ads. 

Is that true? It could be.

Deiss is saying, "You're not just an online business, you're also a media company." Actually, it's probably more along the lines of, "You're a media company, first. And your product or products (or services) are secondary."

Okay, fair enough.

But I gotta say...

Deiss said it like it was this big ah-ha moment. It's not though. Even back in the 50's and 60's, ad companies were "starving out" their competition by purchasing the bulk of TV and radio time. Nothing new. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

I will say...

The amount of tools we have to curate data... and therefore corner markets with re-targeting... IS insane. 

Copy wise...

Perry Belcher put into words the brain science behind WHY copy works (when it's done right.) Every single copywriter/digital entrepreneur should check out two books (that Perry recommended.)

The Political Brain by Drew Westen.

And Meet Your Happy Chemicals.

The 2nd book will really open up your eyes and give you some powerful insights into the chemical responses your copy SHOULD be creating.

Really awesome stuff. 

It'll likely open up your imagination to target the emotional responses you're after in new ways.)

For a lot of us...

It could completely change the way we write and blueprint a campaign.

Personally, it was extremely validating. Because that's been the backbone of how I've been writing copy since the beginning.

Oh, one last thing...

Jon Benson. Oy. This guy. 

Okay, while he shared some cool stuff... he didn't impress me. (Not that impressing me matters.)

He deconstructed one of his VSL's and explained the thinking behind it (and his formula.)

Again, I gleaned some good stuff out of it, especially his application of NLP. But I wasn't impressed by how he communicated to the crowd. He doesn't have the same natural speaking ability to really connect with people - like I saw Perry do. Lots of ego. I could see people weren't getting nearly what they could of from him. And that has a LOT to do with his "I'm awesome and I know it" style. Just saying.


I'd pick up a copy of the Traffic & Conversion DVDs when you can. You'll easily make your money back by applying just ONE thing. (Shoot... do I need to cite that?;-)

By the way...

I didn't even talk about the SEO stuff (and aggregating content, rather than focusing on original blogs and lists.) It opened up my mind big time. 

To Solving People's Problems (and making tons of money!)


P.S. Ryan and company did a lot of people a favor. They peeled back the curtain and exposed their data-rich laboratory. What I mean is, they spend lots of ad dollars (well into the millions.) And they're showing you the data those ad dollars bring in. 

Of course...

We ALL have the opportunity to see behind the scenes - in our own businesses. I look forward to peeling back the curtain with you!