Do You Regularly Launch New Direct Marketing Funnels In Health, Finance, Supplements, MMO, Relationships, Pick Up, Self-Development, ETC.?
Warning: Don’t Launch Your Next Campaign - Until I Go Over Your Copy, Positioning, Strategy, Messaging, Compliance, And Congruence

What if you could work with a top copywriter to audit your next campaign - before you potentially waste gobs of money... on a campaign that will never convert?

I'm Mark Pescetti.

I've worked with some of the top companies and entrepreneurs in the world, and continuously help them achieve higher profitability in their campaigns. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how many campaigns I've seen sink to the bottom of the Sea of Sameness; the place where amazing products and services go to die. 
I’ve also seen many product developer’s dreams of Online Financial Freedom fall by the wayside. They launched with copy that was never going to convert. And they actually believed success was “right around the corner”. But then, when no sales resulted from ALL of their efforts, and they didn’t even know why their campaign failed, they gave up. And the campaign died. (Even though it was dead-on-arrival. They just didn’t know it yet.) 

Don’t make that mistake.
When I audit your campaign and copy, I’m beyond meticulous. It starts with a Video Interview/Collaboration Session on Zoom. I’ll ask the right questions, and get to the bottom of your thinking, strategy, and execution.

This process is about diving into the story people are telling about the problems you’re passionate about helping them solve. Oftentimes, the most effective copy isn’t ever reached, because nobody got the true story and essence of what you’re truly offering the world. That’s what I do, and I do it better than anyone.

After we finish the collaboration portion of deconstructing your thinking, copy, and campaign, I’ll go through it for suggestions and copy editing. Keep in mind, I might totally tear apart what you’re hoping to launch. I might also just optimize it. It totally depends on what we got out of the Discovery Process.
My Discovery Sessions Can Reveal More Hidden Gems For Your Launch - Opening The Vault of Scalabilty
Here’s what we’re looking for:
  • Did you position your messaging to hit the highest watermark of acute emotion in your potential customers or clients?
  • Do you have a mechanism in your copy? (The mechanism is what allows the prospect, to believe what you’re claiming… is true and possible… “for me”. For instance, flooding your gut with a unique good bacteria that’s prevalent in skinny people, but not those who are overweight and obese is the mechanism. “Your body is 90% bacteria, and only 10% human” is the hook.
  • Speaking of hook, does yours “surf the momentum” in your mechanism? A truly effective hook is derived from a mechanism that makes “heuristic sense” to “the story I’m telling” about the problem your solution addresses.
  • Does your “money page” “get me”, especially in the first 5 seconds? Do you have alternative leads for your sales letter, VSL, or webinar to test against?
  • How are you establishing your authority and credibility? After all, the face and voice that information comes from… can make all the difference in the world.
  • Does your front end conversion page (i.e. your money page, VSl or sales letter) have the right elements to keep prospects moving through your copy?
  • Does your offer POP? Does your campaign, and especially your offer capture the undivided attention of your audience?
  • Is your guarantee making it an absolute no-brainer to purchase?
  • Are you thoroughly putting prospects in the driver’s seat of seeing and feeling the results you’re promising?
  • Click here to discover my copywriting style, and get a better sense of how I can HELP you with your copy and campaign.
Critiques are a $497 investment. (Compare that to my starting price of $8,000 to write an original VSL script. You’re getting a ton of insanely insightful value for almost nothing; value that can potentially “unlock” infinitely more profits than if you launched or optimized your campaign/copy - without my input.)
You’ll receive my video-recorded audit of your copy, our video collaboration, and either the beginning of your copy, or copy-editing the copy you currently have. You’ll have crystal-clear-direction on how to move forward with your launch… or optimization. Plus, you’ll get two follow-up 15 minute Zoom calls, so you’re never left in the dark.

Once you pay, we’ll schedule our video collaboration/interview. Tell me if you have or haven’t launched. If you have, give me an idea of numbers you’re doing, so I can immediately start focusing on the optimization process. If you haven’t, give me an idea of what your solution is, and how you want to position it. Of course, if you need my help in all of those areas, we’ll just start from scratch on our initial video call.


P.S. There are so many little things we can do to help you launch with effective copy, or optimize the copy you have. Take a minute to get a better sense of how I write, and check out my own weird little story. There’s a reason I’m one of the best at this stuff, and it’s not because I learned from the greats. ;-)

P.P.S. Once you pay, or if you have any questions, contact me on Skype (my I.D. is markpescetti). You can also email everything you currently have, as well as you're thinking behind it via email. Feel free to call me at 541-880-4241.
"So, Mark, Why Does Your Copy Convert On Ice-Cold-Traffic?"

Everyone is telling a story (about the problems you can address and help solve). And how you connect with that story means everything. If you fail to connect with what people really care about, and the story they’re telling, they will never care about what you’re selling (no matter how amazing it is).
That’s not why you’re in business. That’s not why you took the time to develop your product or service. That’s not why you invested your money to get your solution out there.

Here’s the thing:

If you want to make money, profits, and scale your campaign to the moon, you have to emotionally connect with people in a massive way. You have to help them SEE THEMSELVES in the messaging in your campaign, or you don’t have a campaign.

The question is:
How do you get people to “see themselves” in your campaign?

Well, your messaging has to trigger very specific brain chemicals, memories, future fears, and ultimately, what your prospects really want. 

I call it Heuristic Copywriting. 

It’s the culmination of how this 4th grade dropout, homeless kid discovered the path of least resistance to sell anyone… anything. 

Again, you can read more about my exclusive copywriting style here
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