Do You Regularly Launch New Direct Marketing Funnels In Health, Finance, Supplements, MMO, Relationships, Pick Up, Self-Development, ETC.?
Work With A Team Of Proven, Experienced, Compliant, Direct Response Conversion Empaths For Your Next Launch

What if you could work with a team of proven direct response marketers to launch and optimize your next campaign… 

Not just until your offer is live but… 

Until it converts on ice-cold Google or Facebook traffic; 

Wouldn’t you want us on your next launch… yesterday? 

Or would you just chalk up my “what if” question as too good to be true? 

I’m Mark Pescetti. 
I don’t just write copy. My whole life was made possible because of copy. I mean it. (And I’ll tell you why in a second.) 
In my 10+ years wearing the hat of a copywriter… 

I’ve written and helped optimized how to develop campaigns that almost inevitably convert at scalable levels. No, not necessarily right out of the gate. But quite frankly, nobody can do that. Anyone saying they can consistently launch winners out of the gates isn’t being honest.

The truth about digital marketing is: 

It always takes work, passion, collaboration, and several rounds of optimizing to scale. You have to bottleneck your media buyer with constant “creative” to keep testing, testing, testing. It’s oh-so-worth it too. Nothing beats the feeling of building a campaign that’s thriving (and generating passive profits for years to come). 

Getting there… always starts with asking a question: 

“What story are people telling about the problems my product can help solve?” 

The answer always leads me… and us… to the emotional-sweet-spot in getting people to identify with a problem (so they CARE about YOUR solution). After all, if your prospects don’t have a heavy emotional charge about the problem you solve, you aren’t putting something in front of people they actually need. 
Direct response advertising only works - when the people you want to help have a problem that produces fear inside of them. Yes, fear.
Now, fear is our biggest driver to do… pretty much anything. That makes the agitation process (in the beginning of your copy) essential to grab people’s attention. You have to get prospects to identify with the problem… immediately… by triggering their fear about it. Or they bail.

And what IS that fear? 

It’s a story people are telling about “the worst thing that can happen… if”.  

It’s called Negative Bias. And it’s extremely strong in every single person on this planet because it’s programmed into our DNA. It’s what keeps the human species alive. 

The thing is, FEAR is where the most emotion is about a problem. Not hope. Yes, hope and future pacing are critical. But until you connect with people’s fear… or story about a problem… that gets you their attention… you CAN’T help them. That’s what makes fear a hugely positive thing, because it’s through this powerful feeling that we can get people’s attention… and assist them in changing their lives. 

Of course, once we have their attention…  

We have to lead people, line-by-line, on a journey of seeing… and believing… “the product” you’re I’m introducing them to... is their best possible solution… right now. 

That’s direct response: 
1 problem… 1 solution.
It’s a very different model of selling than commercial or brand advertising the big corporations spend millions of dollars on for TV time.

In direct response, we live and die by the real-time-data. It’s all about getting the most sales… or conversions… “from those 100 clicks”. If your conversions are 0.5%, it’s all about optimizing. But if your conversions are, I don’t know, 5%... it’s all about scaling. 

Let’s quickly breakdown the 7-Steps-To-Profits in direct response:
  • Have an amazing product or service (that people genuinely want/need).
  • Isolate the mechanism for WHY your solution works… for me… the prospect. (This is super important to position your product/service at the highest watermark of emotion… while helping people see that what you’re saying is actually real… and “true for me”. Otherwise, prospects won’t “buy” into anything you’re saying.)
  • Write story-driven, FTC/FDA compliant copy. (I’ll explain what I mean by “story-driven. Compliance isn’t sexy but neither is getting sued or going to jail because you made false claims.)
  • Optimize the heck out of it. (By working with the right people - who know how to develop emotionally-packed, scalable campaigns.)
  • Test. And test aggressively.
  • Analyze the data and optimize.
  • Scale that honey to the moon.

Developing campaigns that emotionally connect with your prospects is hard? 

Says who? 

Now, like I said, I’m not just a copywriter. I’m also a serial entrepreneur, and I develop my own products, just like you. I’m working on The Field Code right now… to own and dominate the self-development marketplace on CB. 

It wasn’t always like that for me though. I grew up poor, often homeless, and I didn’t finish the 4th grade. I don’t have a high school diploma, I didn’t go to college, and I taught myself everything I know and do. That’s WHY I’m able to predictably produce predictable, profitable results; I can deconstruct what I do… and know HOW it works. 

That’s WHY I’m able to consistently product predictable and more importantly profitable results; I can deconstruct WHAT I do… and HOW it works. 

It started in Eugene, Oregon back in December 2005. My daughter’s 4th birthday was approaching, Christmas was next, and then New Year’s. So much celebrating to do, and no money to do it. In fact, I was two weeks away from making my family homeless. 

I made a bunch of horrible financial decisions, put us in ridiculous debt, and left us with nothing in the bank. It wasn’t just scary, it almost defeated me. 

But instead of getting a job, I went to the coffee shop, and started writing an ebook. I went everyday for about a week to write a chapter or two. By the end of the week, I had a finished ebook. Don’t get me wrong, it was horribly written, full of errors, and very wordy. But I took the Word Doc, converted into a PDF, and called it an ebook.  

Then I taught myself how to make a website on Dreamweaver and Photoshop… and researched how to get articles ranked on Google.

Long story short, I made my first sale a few days after rent was due. And we had no money for food. I felt like a loser. I had made the wrong decision. And it was going to haunt me for the rest of my life.  

But then… 

More sales started coming in. And by the end of the 5th of January, I had made enough sales, at $17-a-pop, to pay rent and buy food. Six months later, that little ebook was chugging along and helped me abundantly support my family.  
I never looked back.
Since then, I’ve worked with some of the top brands, people and companies in direct response. I’ve spent incredible amounts of time, behind-the-scenes, developing and optimizing 7-figure campaigns. And most importantly, I’ve help these people and companies become sustainably profitable. I know what it takes to develop and optimize a digitally-based product launch. (Ego alert!) That’s what makes me one of the very best in this copywriting game.

By the way… 

Pay close attention to step #3 in the 7-Steps-To-Profits above: 

The REAL magic (in the copywriting game) lies in knowing HOW to write compliant promos that always passes the FTC/FDA and Google/Facebook sniff tests. This is beyond critical - if you want to build and grow a long-term, financially successful online presence (without being harassed, threatened, and even shut down). 

Think about it: 
What good is copy - if it gets you banned? Or worse, investigated.
So, here’s what’s up:

I want to work with THE CREAM OF THE CROP digital entrepreneurs - who NEED to own their market, massively help people, and get stuff done… fast. I especially want to work with you - if you’re in the health/supplement, MMO, dating/pick-up/ex back, and self-development spaces. 

Here’s my offer: 

I’ll write the complete funnel for your next launch. I’m talking about everything from the ads to the emails (+ the lead mag page, VSL/sales letter, and 3 main upsells). 

But unlike working with other copywriters, I don’t stop there. It takes a TEAM to move mountains these days. That’s why I surround myself with the very best experts in the direct response business. 

We’ll pass everything off to Michael Kim - who’s one of the best direct response graphic/web conversion designers in the biz. With over a dozen CB #1’s under his belt and $150M in client online sales, he’ll get everything framed just right to emotionally grab our target prospects. 

I got my boy Dace Milkovski on our VSL (who’s worked with me for the last 4+ years). The dude knows what he’s doing, and our results prove it. (We have a ClickBank top 10 control up right now). 

Get at me:

Skype: markpescetti
Phone: (541) 880-4241

Q: What type of offers do you write? 

A: I’ve done everything from relationships and pick-up artist… to self-help and gambling. Literally almost everything.  

Q: Can you help me develop the products for the front end as well as upsells… AND help me figure out the funnel strategy… so we can convert at the highest possible level?  

A: Absolutely. I actually prefer it that way. But if you already have your products for the front end and upsells developed… I can help with the funnel strategy, research, and obviously, writing the actual copy.  

Q: How much do you charge?  

A: Writing every aspect of your funnel is always on a per-quote-basis.  

Q: Do you offer 50% upfront, and 50% due on the completion of a project?  

A: Nope. It’s 100% upfront, because collecting bills is a distraction that keeps me from doing my best work for my clients and partners.   

Q: How do I hold my spot?  

A: The first thing is, we need to talk and go over your campaign… and vision. I’ll audit your campaign and communicate what I would do… off the top of my head. If you’re turned on by our Discovery Session… I’ll quote you and send you an agreement. Once you receive the agreement, we can revise it, until we’re all happy with the language and time-frame. Plus, all of the initial deliverables will be 100% transparent. If you agree to the contract… I’ll send out an invoice, you pay in full… and we begin on the date specified.   

Q: How long does a funnel take to develop, write, and visually produce?  

A: It depends on the funnel size. I always start out by writing “the money page” first. We always want to get the copy into production as quickly as possible. So, once the VSL/Sales Letter is written, it goes into production, while I write the other parts of the funnel. A typical funnel (i.e. lead magnet page, thank you page, money page, and 3 upsells) takes about a month. And it’s takes about the same amount of time to execute all of the production, sometimes less. However, our collective goal is to launch with the most effective creative possible, so the optimization process can be short and sweet.  
Samples of My Work
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Are You in the Supplement Space?
I've written for and converted in virtually every major supplement market.

Here's why:

Most copywriters don't have a CLUE about HOW to research your claims, and position or frame your messaging, so it actually connects with your ideal customers, and guarantees your offer instantly MATTERS to the people you want to help. 

Makes sense, right?

Now, I recently wrote a supplement offer in the weight loss industry.
I was hired to beat an Agora control.
The supplement had the same ingredients as our competition.

But I noticed Agora's copywriter(s) failed to clearly communicate what the ingredients REALLY do, and what TRULY makes the supplement unlike anything else on the market. 

In fact, the way Agora made their claims - didn't pack hardly ANY real emotional-punch at all. They presented their information in a way that felt like work to the prospects, which is never good. 

Even worse, the offer sounded WAY too good to be true, because they didn't complete the conversation... or give a real enough of a WHY for the kind of results they claimed (i.e. no mechanism for why the supplement CAN work... "for me". 

After all, the whole purpose of using science to make a compliant claim...
Is to tap into the emotion behind the problem, and make it 100% clear...

Why they're staring at the ONLY solution they'll ever, right now (making it a no-brainer to press the buy button.)

Here's something else: 

The voice and story you use to frame the hopefully life-changing benefits...

Means everything. 

Ask Craig Clemens. And Dr. Steven Gundry. 

In other words, if you don't have a doctor as the face/voice of your next campaign, you're already swimming upstream. Because yes, a doctor (or authoritative voices) can dramatically (and automatically) overcome peoples objections, without having to substantiate the why nearly as much. 
The good news is, the right story... and right positioning... and right science... can make up for everything.  
We also must, must, must have a "hero ingredient" to establish the right tone, and choose the right benefits to focus on (so we get the most people "raising their hands" to our messaging). All of these things have to be done correctly, or your framing and claims become virtually inert (i.e. a bomb that doesn't blow up.)

These are the elements that separate your product from the herd in the insanely competitive supplement marketplace, regardless of your specific niche.

And with New Years Resolution Madness just around the corner, your supplement will be poised to STAND OUT - when everyone is trying to outspend you for hot traffic.

A few pre-qualifying notes: 

My work is extremely collaborative. Yeah, I'll lead the campaign in the copy, positioning, messaging, and optimizing... but I need YOU to be involved the whole way.

Because as we KNOW...

Timing means everything.

And getting to market, NOW, rather than later WILL make or break the level of success that's available to you. So leverage me, my track-record, and stop wasting your time interviewing copywriters who haven't massively converted on cold traffic, in every major supplement market.  


P.S. I also guarantee my work Which means, as long as you're excited to keep optimizing, I'll keep producing "the creative" we need to keep testing - until the campaign is scalable. Again, check out my website to discover more.
P.S. Don’t have a new product? I’ve developed top-performing products in both self-development and supplements. So, if your desire is to develop the very best product or service in YOUR marketplace, and you’re not quite sure how to get there, “I’m your Huckleberry”.

P.P.S. So what does it mean to guarantee your copy converts? Great question. Our guarantee isn’t a money-back one.  

Here’s how it goes:  

We’ll collaborate (on recorded Zoom video) about the mechanism of your solution, and where to position your campaign (in the overall marketplace). We’ll pitch a few different hooks to bring that mechanism alive. Then we agree on an overall direction for the copy/campaign.  

I always start on the “money page” (i.e., the sales letter/VSL) and build the campaign around it. I write on live Google Docs, so you can see the behind-the-scenes process, and be involved/collaborate the entire time. 

Once we arrive at effective, testable copy and get it produced… 

Then we’re off to the races. 

And if you’ve been in this business for ANY real length of time, you know that sometimes you hit the ball outta the park on the first swing. And other times, it takes a few more at-bats. My team and I are committed to stand behind our work - UNTIL we convert. (As long as you keep investing in ad dollars and are committed to scaling the shit out of your campaign, once we get things dialed in, we will continue to work with you to optimize the offer.)  

So, when can we talk? 
Mark Pescetti Copywriter 2018