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  • Interview: Let me ask the RIGHT questions on Zoom .
  • Collaboration: We work together... every step of the way.
  • Guarantee:  I stay on until we hit scalable numbers
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From The Desk Of Mark Pescetti
Portland, Oregon
  • Are you launching a new direct sales campaign in health and supplements?
  • ​Have you launched one… or many 6-7 figure promos?
  • Do you want to work with a copywriter who stands behind his work?
  • Do you want to build a long-term, profitable brand?
  • Are you tired of copywriters taking your money, but never delivering?
My Grandfather, Anthony Pescetti, invented Time Release and pioneered in the chelation of supplements.

Our family business, Nutrition-Homo, was the first supplement company to have the Time Release Method. Our supplements were also the first to be truly cold-processed and chelated… helping the nutrients maintain their integrity, and increasing bioavailability. 

One of the many things my Grandfather said was, “99% of supplements are dead; They’re like a dead body on the floor… what good are they?”

Yup, blunt. 

He was an advocate for developing the most bioavailable, and effective supplements on the market.  

And oh my gosh…

This dude was a gangster when it came to supplements. 

He spent his career trying to protect people from companies that sold dead supplements… with sub-par ingredients and cheap processing methods. 

He also came after other health companies for making absurd, untrue, “miracle” claims… 

Telling them their unethical advertising was hurting the whole supplement industry.

He said, “Supplements are NOT cures. If you’re not getting enough of a certain nutrient from your diet, you need to 'supplement' it… as you naturally decline and age. The ‘miracle’ is helping the body repair itself, so you CAN get closer to Homeostasis. That’s HOW you can take back control over your body.”

Fast forward to the present… 

I’m having the time of my life taking over the reigns of Anthony’s legacy… my Grandfather… into the digital age.

Over the past 15 years…

I’ve gathered a TON of data about who buys supplements, and why.

I helped develop top-selling supplements with clients and manufactures, writing the sales funnels, and optimizing them until the campaigns are highly scalable.

Results don’t lie.

I’ve had dozens of supplement campaigns get over that critical 4% conversion point… where profitable growth, low CPAs, hight CTRs, affiliate attention, and EPCs all hit their sweet spots.

And I’ve done it in all of the BIG health spaces, like:

1️⃣Premature, rapid aging. 
2️⃣Weight loss.
3️⃣Gut health.
5️⃣Type II Diabetes.

Who I work with:

⏺ People who care… and want to help other people with the most effective supplements on the marketplace.
⏺ People who are passionate about quality.
⏺ People who love collaboration.
⏺ People who know how to produce superstar copy… with engaging design and video.
⏺ People who love testing, adjusting, optimizing, and winning… while having a ridiculous amount of fun.

⏺ Bonus: You already have the right, authoritative face and voice for our campaign.

What I write:

⏺Sales Letter/VSL.
⏺3 upsells.

The bottom line is…

I believe in helping people with bioavailable, well-thought-out supplements. 

And let’s be honest…

There’s more junk out there, than actual alive solutions.

Let’s change the conversation.

Let’s follow the breadcrumbs I’ve gained throughout my career, your digital marketing journey, and the breakthroughs we’ve watched other supplement companies go through.


P.S. Reach out to me via one of the options below to set up your appointment.

Skype: markpescetti
Phone: (541) 880-4241

What Do I Get From a Free 15 Minute Video Copy Coaching Session?
Every business owner, even the most seasoned digital marketer, has questions.

Asking questions and having inspired collaborations has led me to writing million dollar copy... Over and over again.

Do you wonder:

1️⃣ How do I position my product/service, messaging, and offer... so I can maximize conversions?
2️⃣ Is there a right and wrong way to advertise on Facebook?
3️⃣ Do I need quizzes, advertorials and lead magnets?
4️⃣ How do I test, optimize and scale (based on data?)
5️⃣ Should I create a VSL... or test a simple sales letter first?
6️⃣ How do I position my upsells, so they’re congruent with the whole funnel... and maximize uptake conversions?
7️⃣ What are the best ways to increase the lifetime value of my customers or clients?
8️⃣ How do I attract super affiliates to blast my offer?
9️⃣ How do I choose the right people to work with on my team?
🔟 What do I do if what I launch... fails?

I’m sure you have your own questions.

The point is... 

Developing your business, by yourself, without feedback and collaboration is one of the best ways... to sabotage your success.

P.S. Reach out to me via one of the options below to set up your appointment.
Skype: markpescetti
Phone: (541) 880-4241
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Founder of Perfect Origins
Dr. Charles Livingston DC
How do you work with clients & partners?
⏺ We start with a conversation about your supplement, or idea, so we can make sure we’re the right fit to work together on your vision. This is done on Zoom video. After all, if we’re going to work together, we need to like each other, and know we’re moving in the same direction.

⏺ I’ll write a proposal with all of your deliverables, start date/deadline, an overview of how I see the project breaking down, along with my quote. (No, I’m not cheap. But I also don’t charge what people with much less experience and results charge. Yes, we can do 50/50 if that's your comfort level.)

⏺ If we move forward… We do another Video Zoom interview, with everyone involved, where I ask the right questions, gather information for the mechanism, and start figuring where the product/company fits (i.e. positioning) in the broader marketplace. (Like a chef gathering all of his or her ingredients to make the perfect meal.)

⏺ This step varies: If we’re developing a supplement, from scratch, I’ll help isolate the most effective ingredients to have the top product (so we can OWN the niche). If we’re moving forward with an already developed, I’ll get the research for our claims and positioning.

⏺ I’ll present you sales lead in a live Google Doc, and we’ll go over it, together… for effectiveness. If we’re on the same page, I move forward with the copy/deliverables. One caveat, unlike most of the copywriters out there, I’m extremely collaborative, and want you intimately involved in the creative process. This does two things: It helps us really hone in on the most effective copy/messaging. And two, we’re ALWAYS on the same page, as we move forward, and I get all of the copy completed. 

⏺ I’ll work with your designer and production team, if necessary, to help guide them in bringing the copy alive.

⏺ Launch and test.

⏺ Optimize. (I stand by my work, until we convert, for a humble backend net royalty.)

"How do you start out MY supplement copy in a Google Doc?
what if WE developed 
3 Top Controls... This year?
Meet Mark,
Pro Copywriter, 15 years experience 
  • Health & supplements campaigns that produced millions.
  • Created Heuristic Copywriting - proven to convert on cold traffic.
  • 15 years experience writing health copy.
  • Multiple top controls on ClickBank - in multiple spaces.
  • Guarantees his work (as long as you continue testing.)
  • Top 5 copywriter of 2018 
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