Marketers who know how to leverage "the vibe" of our times will always make more money... 

Because you're tapping into an underlying "emotional constant" in your advertising. And what's that constant? It's people's insatiable need to feel of "profitable consequence"...

And to have purpose - above and beyond JUST making money.

For instance...

Maybe you're selling a testosterone cream to help men overcome Erectile Dysfunction. 

Ask yourself...

What do you men with E.D. experience?


A total loss of manhood?

A feeling of being lost?

The need to hide from their lover?

A lack direction and purpose... because they're so distracted and engrossed in their problem?

Yup, yup, yup, yup... and yup.

And what do you men who overcome E.D. often experience?

Renewed hope, confidence, passion, purpose, excitement... and even financial abundance?

Yup to all of the above.


Why NOT tap into people's need to feel of purpose... of consequence; to remember why they were born - whenever you have a chance to in your marketing?

Click here to read an article I wrote about it.

Mark Pescetti

P.S. If you want to run an iconic, society-influencing campaign that leverages people's need to discover their passion and purpose, hit me up about writing your copy!